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Rabu, 17 Juni 2015

Destiny Game

It was a destiny journey
when the first time i caught you
from the million dots of line

it was a destiny journey
when the first time i felt you
from the million words in line

after the long time journey
proof that i still have you
in part of my memory line

or it just a destiny game
when eventually i know you
that have kept the same desire
still flaming warm up the heart

just walk on a destiny way
when we can not stop to walk
or we can not stop to talk
and the time can not make it sway

until the time is passing
embrace us with loving
or throw us without giving
what the end of love meaning

and i will keep on sailing...
on the way of destiny flowing...

----------- 20 November 2010 --------------------
(Dibuat sesuai dengan EYD : English Yang Diragukan
awasss ya kalo ada nyang ga percaya kalo ini aseli karangan sayah 100%!! )

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